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Some of these pieces were written for fun, some for Broadcast and some of them were even commissioned.

A slightly more detailed description of each piece can be found clicking on the titles, and should you feel adventurous, there are a few more examples to be found on my Soundcloud profile.

At the bottom of the page you can also find a Video Section, showing examples of some of my Commissioned Soundtrack work.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to use or purchase any of the music featured here…

Hope you enjoy…

L'Arome de l'Amour

A 1960s inspired Orchestral instrumental tune, featuring Theremin, Vibes and plenty of "Peace and Love"...

Let's Go Mating....

A Zany Percussion-coated little ditty featuring, among other things, Vibraslap, Flex-a-Tone, Car Horn, Ratchet and silliness...

Eiko's Theme

Piano sketch written for use in the short film "Looking for a Star" by Eiko Ishii Meredith.

Fancy a Dance?

A Twitchy loop-based production featuring blues harmonica, old-school beat-boxing, Bollywood vocals and a bass guitar in C.

Do You Remember...?

Reflective laid back grooves from way back in 2003...

Television & Film Soundtracks

Here we have a selection of videos showing some of my commissioned soundtrack work.