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Studio Engineering

Way back in 2002 I began working at Danny Chang Music Studios, starting out as a Runner/Tea Boy and eventually becoming the Head Studio Engineer and Producer.

While there, I gained a lot of valuable experience Recording, Producing, Mixing, and Editing for various Bands and Artists and also Television Series and Feature Films.

All of the following examples were Recorded using both Logic Pro and Protools, and Mixed using a combination of both Analogue Consoles and Digital Processing.

Bands and Artists

Sincere Thanks to all of the Musicians and Artists who have very kindly allowed me to use their Music and Images here. Much Appreciated.

Full Recording Details can be found by clicking on the individual song titles.

Television and Film Soundtracks

Composed by Danny Chang

Here we have a selection of videos showing some of my Soundtrack Engineering work.

  • Princess Lillifee (2011)
    Animated Series, 26 Episodes, Stereo and 5.1 Surround.
  • ERSCO (2009)
    Ice Skating Trailer for Website, Stereo.
  • iEGYPT (2009)
    Promotional Broadcast Pitch, Stereo.
  • Der Mondbär - Das große Kinoabenteuer (2008)
    Animated Feature, 5.1 Surround.
  • Heiðin (2008)
    Feature Film, 5.1 Surround.
  • High Stakes (2008)
    Feature Film, 5.1 Surround.
  • Reaching Higher (2008)
    Feature Film, Stereo.
  • Swansea Advert (2008)
    Commercial TV campaign for S4C, Stereo.
  • Captain Mack (2008)
    CITV Series, Stereo.
  • Der Mondbär (2007 - 2009)
    Animated Series, 40 Episodes, Stereo and 5.1 Surround.
  • Felix Feature 2 (2006)
    Amimated Feature Film, Stereo and 5.1 Surround.
  • Briefe von Felix Series 2 (2005)
    Animated Series, 26 Episodes, Stereo and 5.1 Surround.
  • BBC Garden School (2005)
    8 Part Series, Stereo.
  • The Jersey Royals (2004)
    Animated Series, 13 Episodes, Stereo.